Friday, June 8, 2007

Q: What counts toward the page goal?

A question tha has come up more than once is whether things like maps or pre-gen PCs count towards the 32 page goal. The short answer is YES! Anything that helps make your adventure awesome counts towards your goal. Over at the WoAdWriMo forum user WeaveWarden (of MythWeavers) came up with this great post:

Just as there are many possibilities for a given adventure, there are many possible ways of describing an adventure. Let's take a look at some of the common elements that writers can use to fill those pages with useful content.

Textual Descriptions
  • Discussion of how to integrate the adventure into an ongoing game (hooks, description of preceding adventures, ways to fit into an established campaign setting)

  • Setting Description

  • Character Descriptions

  • Pre-Readied Character Speech

  • Pre-Readed NPC/Monster Action descriptions

  • NPC/Monster Statistic Blocks

  • GM Meta-Advice on ways to introduce/handle certain situations

  • Custom Adventure-Specific Rules

  • Treasure Tables (and other tables of random possibilities)

  • Lists of possible results for information-finding attempts (possible rumors uncovered, knowledge known on a subject, clues uncovered in a room)

  • Suggested extra media for a given scene or story (music, movie clips, links to videos available online, etc)
Non-Textual Descriptions
  • Scene illustrations

  • Images of characters (consider both illustrations and photographs)

  • Adventure/encounter flow charts (to help organize the progression of the story along possible paths of action)

  • Illustrations of opponents / monsters

  • Maps (small-scale and broad geographical)

  • Relationship diagrams (family trees, rivalries, political organizations)

  • Formatting elements (background or border images and patterns, etc)
Don't forget to check the copyright laws governing any images you end up borrowing from other sources.

Good work, MythWeaver!

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