Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to Week 2!

If you look back on the first week of WoAdWriMo and aren't happy with your work thus far, do not despair! Our forum is full of cool people who can help you work through mechanical kinks or assist in brainstorming. If the slow pace of your work is causing you to lose hope, don't sweat it! The point of Worldwide Adventure Writing Month is not to judge anyone. We won't poo-poo your module if it is 'only' twenty pages long. I promise! If you come to the end of the month and have written a complete, useable, but shorter module, that goes in the win column! Yay, you wrote a module that other GMs can use!

If you feel like you've stumbled and can't quite recover, remember that dedication is the only thing that can see you through to the end of this challenge. You've got to pick yourself up and get back on that bike! If it's been a day or more since you've added something to your module close this browser window and go write something right now!

You can do it!

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