Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How's your module going?

If you write at a regular pace and you started on the 1st, then you should have one quarter (8 pages) of your module written by tomorrow. Don't panic if you're see yourself coming up short. I said "if you write at a regular pace" for a reason. Some people write in bursts. Maybe your time is tied up during the week and you'll make more progress over the weekend. Don't berate yourself for 'only' writing a paragraph or two today. If you're working on your WoAdWriMo project, then you're doing something right, no matter what your current page total. Just be careful you don't come to the last few days of June with the majority of your adventure unwritten.

If you have any questions or concerned, feel free to drop a comment here or visit the gang at our official forum. Are you stuck and need some ideas for a slick mechanic or neat plot twist? The WoAdWriMo forum is full of talented people ready to offer a hand!

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