Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Q: Why is the goal 32 pages?

A: The 32-page goal is an arbitrary guideline only. Many of the classic D&D adventure modules from TSR clock in at around 32 pages, so that's why we picked that number. The point of setting a pagecount is to signal that we're challenging you to write Full Length Badass Adventures, not short one-night jobbies. That being said, if you write a complete, coherent adventure and it's 'only' 20 pages long we are not going to give you an 'F'. We will cheer! Don't pad out your adventure just to achieve our 32 page goal. All the parameters of WoAdWriMo are guidelines designed to help you. If one or more of our guidelines isn't cutting the mustard, please ignore it!

But suppose you really, really want to meet our 32 page goal and you're coming up slightly short. What should you do? Anyone who has had to squeak by in the classroom by handing in a short assignment knows all the tricks you can pull to make a small text seem bigger. The font size can be increased, the margins widened, etc. We ask that you not do this just to reach an arbitrary pagecount. Instead, consider adding bonus materials.

For example, you could add a Designer's Notes section explaining exactly what you are trying to achieve in your work. Or perhaps you could write up a one-page history on the creator and wielders of that cool magic sword in room 23a. A player's hand-out section might be handy for your adventure, if you use lots of clues. Or if your adventure involves a lot of interpersonal intrigue, consider devoting a page to a relationship map. Or just throw in some new crunchy bits, like new monsters or magic items. That's always fun. Basically, ask yourself "What could I add to this module to make it more user-friendly or fun?"

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