Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Q: What happens to my completed adventure?

A: First of all, you get our heartfelt congratulations. Congratulations! You made it! A winner is you! What happens next is entirely up to you. Throughout the entire WoAdWriMo process you are in the driver's seat. Martin Ralya at Treasure Tables will host any WoAdWriMo adventures that participants want to submit to us. Our vision is that the WoAdWriMo section of TT will serve as a central clearinghouse of adventures produced as part of the WoAdWriMo challenge.

But that's just our vision. If your vision is different, that's what we want you to go with. If that means you find another host for your adventure, we will happily link to that other site. Or perhaps you want to submit your manuscript to a publisher. That would be super! We would be thrilled to flip through a copy of Dungeon magazine or click over to RPGnow and see a WoAdWriMo adventure on display.

There is one option we would like to avoid. We don't want you to produce that adventure and then keep it to yourself. Please share! The WoAdWriMo challenge has a two-fold purpose: to motivate you to write and to make great adventures available to other GMs. We can't fufill that second mission goal unless the resulting adventures enter general circulation.

As always feel free to ask questions, share concerns, and make suggestions. We're here to help you.

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